Tom Hart previews LSU-Mizzou

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Tom Hart will be on the call for LSU and Missouri on the SEC Network. Hart joins Matt to kick off hour three, and talks if he thinks Skylar Mays is a candidate for SEC POY.

“I use a pretty wide birth when I make my list; I don’t just limit it to guys who are on great teams,” Hart said. “I think he’s in the discussion, I think Nick Richards is in the discussion.”

LSU has had sort of an up and down year. What has Hart made of the way Will Wade has managed his team this year?

“I don’t think you see anything different than in years past. He’s a very intense coach,” Hart said. “I see him the same no matter what. Will always has an edge to him, and all the great ones do.”

Missouri looks like they will be shorthanded for tonight’s game. Any update on the status of Jeremiah Tilmon and Mark Smith?

“No update other than Tilmon didn’t make the trip,” “I don’t know if Missouri isn’t a better team without Jeremiah Tilmon.”

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