Tommy Moffitt on whether LSU’s strength and conditioning team “has still got it”

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LSU’s Director of Strength and Conditioning, Tommy Moffitt, joined Jordy and T-Bob in hour one to talk about adjusting practice for Spring since they played so late into the season.

“You just gotta shrink the calendar and make every day count,” Moffitt said. “The players had a phenomenal attitude and I think everyone is excited about getting back to work.”

Moffitt discussed his shadow staff and how integral they are in keeping things moving in the strength and conditioning department around LSU. He’s also embraced technology and talked about how it’s helped in the weight room.

“A lot of coaches rely on expereience and intution, but evidence based data and training helps you to stretch the last bit of potential out of an athlete’s DNA,” Moffitt said.

How is he going to bring this team back down to earth after such a big season?

“As long as our worst day is better than everyone else’s, we’re going to have a fighting chance,” Moffitt said. “It’s our responsibility as a staff to do everyhing we can do to make sure everyone is dialed in everyday.”

Next, they discussed Bo Pelini coming back into the LSU fold.

“It’s great to have somebody that’s like him that are fired up to be an LSU Tiger for a second time,” Moffitt said. “He’s a lot like the rest of the guys on our staff and I think he’s going to do a great job here.”

Finally, he talks about Myles Brennan’s transformation as a quarterback.

“He’s put on the weight, he’s gotten stronger, he’s gotten more powerful,” Moffitt said. “I don’t doubt one minute that he’s not going to help us be as successful as we could possibly be.”

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