Tristan Blewett goes from rugby to New Orleans Saints

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“It was a crazy story,” said Tristan Blewett.

Tristan Blewett is a 22-year-old rugby player from South Africa. He currently plays for the NOLA Gold. a few weeks ago, Blewett got a call from the Saints asking if he wanted to try out for the team. The next week Blewett was doing NFL combine drills and test at the Saints facility. What type of drills they had him do? He didn’t know the names of them, so he couldn’t say. What was his 40-yard-dash time? He didn’t know that either. All he knows is it was good enough to get invited on the team.

“I can’t even get my head around it,” said Blewett.

They’ve tried Blewett at several postions, but yesterday they had him at saftey. Could Blewett become a DB? Punt Retuner? Running Back? Wide Reciver? At 5’10” 197lbs, he beleives he can play in the NFL