Verge Ausberry talks LSU Football scheduling

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LSU Deputy Director of Athletics Verge Ausberry joins the show to talk LSU Football scheduling with Matt. The Tigers announced a neutral site series with Florida State last week, and then today announced a home and home with Utah in 2031 and 2032. How did the Utah series come about?

“We’ve been talking to a lot of people about a lot of different games. You see we are going further out in the scheduling process,” Ausberry said. “I watched Utah throughout the year. They were in playoff position throughout the year. We starterd talking it was a great place for LSU fans to travel, and that’s how it came about.”

Utah is not a school that most would’ve expected LSU to matchup with. Ausberry talks how many schools are now changing their scheduling philosophy.

“It’s amazing, the tide has changed a bit. People didn’t want to put their team against a big SEC school,” Ausberry said. “Now people are realizing that if you want to play for a national championship it helps to play these types of games.”

Ausberry talks the Florida State and LSU series being at neutral sites and not a home and home.

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