What is the Pelicans best trade deal for Anthony Davis?

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“The next four days are important for the Pelicans,” Scott Kushner said.

Anthony Davis wants out of NOLA and he’ll get it. The only question is: Where? Kushner told Matt that as of right now the Knicks are the most likely landing spot for A.D.

Anthony Davis’ reprsentatives have said they only want to go to the Knicks or the Lakers. If they don’t, the Pelicans shouldn’t bother trading him because he won’t re-sign with any other team.

But how long will this take? “I think they can get it done now,” said Kushner. The exact timeline he gave was about 4-5 days. However, other teams may be involved with the trade as well.

Personally, Kushner thinks Boston has the best offer. The ball is now in David Griffin’s court.