Will Wade recaps LSU basketball vs Missouri

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LSU Basketball Coach Will Wade joined Jordy and T-Bob to recap his team’s win against Missouri.

“We did a good job of converting at the free throw line, which was huge for us,” Wade said.

Darius Days has been some foul trouble this year, but Wade thinks he’s a tremendous talent when he’s in the game.

“He’s done that for us all year when we’ve needed them,” Wade said. “When he’s on the court, in the game, he’s such a weapon.”

Energy was low during the first half of last nights game, but they were able to turn it around in the second half with end-of-game execution.

“We find a way to win, when we didn’t neccesarily have our best stuff,” Wade said. “We were lucky to only be down by six at half time, so we had to find a way to flip it.”

Wade’s players are doing an impressive job from the line; they’ve made more three throws than other teams have attempted.

“We spend a lot of time on our breathing techniques…when we practice our free throws, we practice them in a routine,” Wade said.

There’s a chance that Charles Manning Jr. will return Saturday against Alabama. What will he add to the dynamic of the team?

“He’s going to work out again today, we’ll see,” Wade said. “I think he’ll solve a lot of these issues that have crept up in the Auburn and Vanderbilt game.”

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