Will Wade talks LSU basketball preparing for the SEC Tourament

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LSU Head Basketball Coach Will Wade joined Jordy and T-Bob to discuss the upcoming SEC Tournament and whether it will happen. They are preparing as if the games are going to happen.

“Scott (Woodward’s)…kind of on the front lines of it,” Wade said. “We’ll see what today brings.”

Wade discussed what it will be like to play games in empty coliseums as planned.

“It will be like when I was at UT-Chattanooga,” Wade said. “I think each school will have about 140 people there and we’ll go from there.”

How does Wade feel about his team heading to the tournament?

“We’ve had two really good practices back on campus,” Wade said. “Just in terms of working on ourselves and our transition defense.”

LSU has not had a great record in the SEC Tournament. What is Wade’s message to his team about the importance of success?

“We want to keep building our program and growing our program, we have to have some success in this tourament,” Wade said.

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