Middle Relief 6-21-21 Hour 2 | College Baseball Recap | NOLA Saints & Sean Payton | Ken Trahan | Ask Jerit

Weekdays 12PM - 3PM

Mario and Jerit open Hour Two with a recap from the games in Omaha from over the weekend.

Mario discusses the picks that Musso and himself made last week.

After, Mario and Jerit discuss the New Orleans Saints and the Sean Payton’s recent marriage.

They talk about the team’s transition without Drew Brees under center this year and predict how the Saint’s will function this season.

Ken Trahan joins the show to discuss LSU’s current search for a new baseball head coach.

Ken switches over to talk about the Saints and the challenges that Sean Payton may face in his first year without Drew Brees.

The hour is wrapped up with a segment of Ask Jerit!