Wiffle Ball Rules

Official Rules for the 1st Annual 104.5 ESPN Radio Wiffle Ball Tournament- Brought to you by Marucci, at Traction Sports Plex

  • Teams will be 4-6 players
  • 4 Players in the field at a time
  • All 6 players can bat(at least 4 have to)
  • 4 Balls/3 Strikes/3 Outs
  • 45 Minute Games (we will finish any inning that started before the 45 minute mark)
  • Pitchers Hand Rule- a force out will occur at the lead base if the pitcher has the ball on the mound. The pitcher does not actually have to be on the mound. Also any balls hit back to the pitcher, they have to field the ball cleanly before the runner gets to first base.  Pitcher can also act as any infield position for force outs.
  • Play at the Plate Rule- the runner is out at home if the ball is thrown home and hits the strike zone before the runner touches home
  • Peg Ball- any runner struck by a thrown ball below the neck, not touching a base will be out.
  • Only Official Yellow Wiffle Ball Bats or your team Marucci Wiffle Ball Bat allowed 
  • Pitch Speed must stay under 55 mph (umpires discretion) anything considered over 55mph will be an automatic ball or the batter can let the ball in play stand.  
  • There is no base stealing or leading off. Runners may tag up on a fly ball. Base runners will be called out if a batted ball hits them
  • Bunting is illegal and will not be permitted